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Polished Brass

Water Street Brass Finish Code: PB - PBNL


This traditional finish has defined the quality of brass hardware for centuries. It begins with solid brass hardware that is polished and then buffed multiple times to achieve a high shine. The final step for PB is a protective gloss lacquer to further enhance the sheen and protect the brass over time. Unlacquered version will quickly develop a natural patina as it is exposed to use and weather.

Care and Maintenance

Cleaning with mild soap and water and then buffing the surface dry with a soft cloth is recommended. For unlacquered hardware (PBNL), applying a coat of Decorative Hardware Wax will protect the finish.


  • Unlacquered (PBNL) or Waxed variations available upon request.
  • Available on all Water Street Collections.
  • Hand Crafted by artisans in Jamestown, NY.