Water Street Select hardware is a completely customizable hardware solution for those that are looking for something unique and just can’t find it elsewhere.  The pieces shown in this section are meant to spur innovation and creativity.  Every piece is made to order by the best craftsmen in the industry. 

Water Street controls the manufacturing processes from start to finish and can meet exacting specifications of a client’s design requirements. Our design team uses a variety of techniques to bring an idea to life whether it is a traditional spinoff or a completely new contemporary look. Once an idea is transformed into a working design and prior to production, the client will be presented with artist renderings, technical drawings, and/or rapid prototypes for approval.

With years of experience in door, furniture, and cabinet hardware manufacturing, Water Street Brass is well prepared to serve projects ranging from residential to resort and hospitality.  Lead times and pricing will be dependent on a variety of factors and requirements for the project.  Contact a design consultant at info@waterstreetbrass.com.

Design Process: Water Street Brass offers premium hardware that is specifically designed and exclusively licensed for quality homes and commercial offices. Our staff will work closely with architects, interior decorators, showroom consultants or home owners to develop and create premium hardware for your project. Whether your decor is French provincial, colonial, art deco or ultra modern, we can create hardware that matches your vision.

Conceptual Art: The process begins by exploring your vision. We start with your sources of inspiration, anything from hand drawn sketches, examples from historical records, antique hardware, vintage photographs, sculpture, artwork, fabric designs or shells from a beach; we will develop a number of ideas to show you how your hardware could look and function.

Design: Once a direction has been established, we will produce comprehensive renderings to illustrate the final products and the mechanical drawings needed to manufacture them. Great care is taken to ensure not only the beauty, but the functionality of the hardware for a lifetime of trouble free operation.  

Manufacturing: When all schedules and prints have been reviewed and approved by the project manager, the raw hardware can be manufactured, and then machined to specifications. The final step is the custom finishing of each product to ensure the highest level of quality and consistency.

Delivery & Installation: For cabinet hardware, a 2-4 week leadtime is standard depending on the finish chosen. For door hardware we anticipate a 6 to 16 week time frame from the day the prints are approved and signed to final delivery. Lead times are all dependent on types of hardware, manufacturing methods, and finishes required. Hardware is packed and labeled by door, job, and/or room tag so that there is no confusion at the work site. Installation instructions and templates are provided and can be made available ahead of time so doors can be mortised and hung in anticipation of final delivery.