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1 records found

2-3/4" backset 9000/9100 series lock is standard for mortise application.

2-3/8" backset and T-Strikes standard for tubular application.

Standard tubular latch to auxiliary deadbolt spacing is 5-1/2".

Standard tubular latch to mortise bolt spacing is 2-3/4".

Surface mount is standard for all applications.

Rope, coin and diamond detail available on levers. Upcharge applies.

Hand hammering available upon request. Price on application.

Number Description
All Door Part Numbers & Descriptions 60248| Entrance Set, Mortise Lock 60250| Patio Set, Mortise Lock 60252| Privacy Set, Mortise Lock 60254| Passage Set, Mortise Lock 60256| Full Dummy Set, Mortise Lock 60258| Half Dummy Set, Mortise Lock 60260| Entrance Set, Tubular Latch x Auxiliary Deadbolt 60262| Patio Set, Tubular Latch x Mortise Bolt 60264| Privacy Set, Tubular Latch x Mortise Bolt w/ E.E. 60266| Passage Set, Tubular Latch 60268| Full Dummy Set, Tubular Latch 60270| Half Dummy Set, Tubular Latch