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1 records found

2-1/2" backset 9000/9100 series lock is standard for mortise application.

2-3/8" backset and T-Strikes standard for tubular application.

Standard tubular latch to auxiliary deadbolt spacing is 5-1/2".

Standard tubular latch to mortise bolt spacing is 2-3/4".

Rope, coin and diamond detail available on levers. Upcharge applies.

Hand hammering available upon request. Price on application.

Number Description
All Door Part Numbers & Descriptions 64224| Entrance Set, Mortise Lock 64226| Patio Set, Mortise Lock 64228| Privacy Set, Mortise Lock 64230| Passage Set, Mortise Lock 64232| Full Dummy Set, Mortise Lock 64034| Half Dummy Set, Mortise Lock 64236| Entrance Set, Tubular Latch x Auxiliary Deadbolt 64238| Patio Set, Tubular Latch x Mortise Bolt 64240| Privacy Set, Tubular Latch x Mortise Bolt w/ E.E. 64242| Passage Set, Tubular Latch 64244| Full Dummy Set, Tubular Latch 64246| Half Dummy Set, Tubular Latch